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Our Technician Billy. Naples Travertine Floor Polishing

Stone surfaces make a beautiful addition to any property. Whether in the home or a commercial property, a floor of polished stone gives the impression of solidity and class to any space. Your stone should look its best, and no one can make it look better than Jim Lytell can. There are two categories of stone finishing available: polishing and honing. Polishing is well suited to granite, marble, and other natural stones. It leaves the stone with a gleaming, mirror-like surface. Polished stone’s reflective finish adds a dazzling touch of class to your property. Professional honing service offers a versatile array of finish levels to suit any setting. Anything from satin to near-matte surfaces can be achieved with honed stone. We achieve these finishes using dedicated machinery equipped with diamond-impregnated pads to hone evenly and thoroughly. In addition, cleanup is minimized by the use of our proprietary dustless honing and polishing services. Your site will be left with no mess and a beautiful new stone finish. From big jobs to small polishing jobs, local jobs to far away jobs, we can do it all.

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