Marble is the hot, cool thing in home decorating

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A marble island can pull the backsplash or countertop marble together. For an easy backsplash, have marble cut to size and installed. Because there are no seams like there are in traditional tile, your backsplash will visually enlarge the kitchen and be easier to keep clean.

Living areas

Marble is especially at home in living areas as a fireplace surround. Clean-edged and sans mantle, marble would make a fabulously elegant accent around the fireplace. Or, give the insert around the fireplace a makeover in marble.

Whether you opt for traditional white marble or go for a unique color such as green, marble will always dress up any area where it’s placed. In the foyer, marble floors make a grand entrance to visitors.

Don’t overlook adding simple marble threshold tiles in rooms where two flooring types meet. They’re classic yet unexpected. If your carpet is beige go for a beige marble threshold to make a smooth break from one flooring type to another.

As for other parts of the house, try adding marble as wainscoting in the foyer, a powder room or bathroom. In the dining room, repurpose a tired buffet with a fresh coat of paint, new pulls and a marble top. Marble topped tables in the living room or bedroom are always elegant and classic. Replace wood niche insets with marble for a simple but beautiful touch.


This is where marble really shines. In the bathroom, the white and gray mix in marble makes the bathroom feel light and clean. Consider whole sheets of marble to cover showers or walls for an over-the-top elegant decadence and for creating a focal point in the bathroom. Or, cover your tub surround in marble for a luxurious soak. For an inexpensive but tasteful look, try trimming around doors with marble subway tiles and using marble for baseboards.


Marble is considered a soft stone, so do be careful where you use it that staining is kept to a minimum. If used on a bar, red wines could easily stain, as could a sink if you used marble here. Regular sealing will help keep stains to a minimum.

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