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We love to serve and help Naples and our surrounding community through marble polishing, maintenance, and restoration. Our Naples marble, and surrounding areas, stone restorations are always interesting to us. Every marble slab that makes it to your counter-top or floor tile is comprised of different types of minerals than the next. Wether you’re in need of a lite polishing to remove scratches, or a full marble restoration, we are here to serve you. Through years of experience, our marble floor technicians gain an understanding of how each individual marble floor, marble countertop, or wall will react giving them the expertise to deliver your desired finished results.  Jim Lytell started his Flooring company in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida back in 1969. In 1981 we established a nitch as the Marble Restoration Company we are today. We love to serve our surrounding community! Being the longest standing Naples marble floor polishing and restoration company has afforded us the expertise to handle any marble stone related problem presented to us. From big jobs to small polishing jobs, local jobs to far away jobs, we can do it all.

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When talking to Jim Lytell Marble and Stone Restoration, or your local marble and stone company, it is good to know information about your marble floor. Your Naples Marble and surrounding area Floor is a derivative of limestone, a calcareous metamorphic stone characteristically soft and easily scratched or etched by acids. The calcite crystal is the basic building block of true marbles. Although many marble floor varieties are well suited for wet area application, the calcite crystal is vulnerable to mild acids, including those commonly found in marble kitchen counter tops or marble bar counter settings. The person selecting marble for these applications should be aware of, and accepting of the maintenance or patina that is to be anticipated with these combinations. Acid rain and other weathering elements can also affect exterior marble floor installations, and exterior marble floor or counter top applications. These Marbles are generally limited to white, with some exceptions. There are countless types of marble floors and counter tops found in the mountainous regions of most countries of the world. Marble quarried for floors come from India, China, Italy, and Spain. The majority of marble that is found in Naples came from overseas.

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Services offered:

Marble floor restoration:

  • Grinding marble, polishing marble, and seal marble
  • Grind marble, hone marble, and seal marble
  • Flatten the marble surface, hone and seal the marble
  • Marble Flattening, marble polishing and marble sealing
  • Fill holes in the marble stone
  • Fill cracks in the marble
  • Removing efflorescence in the marble

Marble floor maintenance:

  • Clean marble and seal marble
  • Marble cleaning, honing, and sealing
  • Marble cleaning, marble polish, and marble sealing
  • Marble scratch removal
  • Marble stain removal
  • Fill holes in the marble stone
  • Fill cracks in the marble
  • Removing efflorescence in the marble

 Commercial Naples, Marco Island to Sarasota that require large volume marble, terrazzo, concrete, or other natural stone surfaces, are volume priced. Please complete the below form for a consultation or restoration analysis.

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