truckServices offered by Jim Lytell :

Marble and Stone Restoration:

  • Grind, polish, and seal
  • Grind, hone, and seal
  • Flatten, hone and seal
  • Flatten polish and seal
  • Fill holes
  • Fill cracks
  • Efflorescence Removal

Marble and Stone Maintenance:

  • Clean and seal
  • Clean, hone, and seal
  • Clean, polish, and seal
  • Scratch Removal
  • Stain Removal
  • Fill holes
  • Fill cracks
  • Efflorescence Removal

Commercial or large volume marble, terrazzo, concrete, or other natural stone surfaces will be volume priced. Contact us here  for a consultation or restoration analysis

Free on site Estimates

Once the call is made to our office, we make an appointment for the customer to meet with our salesman. Our salesman Chris G. has had over 17 years experience as a technician in our company and is highly qualified to evaluate the most complicated of jobs. Chris G. can explain and educate our clients on the scope of work and process to be expected and supply a free proposal. The time frame of each job will be discussed during the initial meeting. Each job is unique and the scope of work varies. It’s important for us to issue estimates and time frames after visually assessing the necessary work. Out of our 10 technicians we choose the one best suited for the job. The client can see the assigned technician on our site with pictures and bios. The client can do a walk through with his assigned technician to make sure the technician’s scope of work on the work order meets the client’s expectation but it is not necessary for the client to be home. The technician gets started, applying plastic to areas that need to be protected including treasured possessions, drapery, carpets, glass, wood, or paint. We have full respect for our client’s valuables. After our technician sets up his work station, he gets started. We strive to maintain a dust free work environment. This is all accomplished with our proprietary dustless method.


Equipment and methods

Our technicians have a multitude of machines, tools, and products at their fingertips. We have 13 trucks completely outfitted with machines, supplies, and products to perform jobs. Our warehouse holds planetary grinding machines, burnishers, vacuums, hand saws and grinding tools for small details, barrels of various cleaning solutions, and a large stock of supplies for honing and polishing. We have a total of 6 riding machines to accomplish grinding and polishing in large commercial areas. Three of these machines were developed by us specifically to maintain airports like RSW. We currently have a five-year contract with Fort Myers International Airport and are gearing up to gain others. We have developed and set the standards of the natural stone restoration business. Our company has been in business for over 30 years and this experience allows us to constantly develop tools and methods unique to Jim Lytell Inc. As a result, we provide our clients with an enhanced stone restoration service.