Stone Scratch Removal

Jim Lytell Inc. specializes in the restoration of stone and marble floors and installations. Stone scratch removal and restoration is a thorough, long-lasting process. As compared to polishing, which merely fills in surface scratches, restoration lasts 3-5 times as long. We offer a variety of scratch removal services to suit any situation. These options vary by the location, type of stone installation, and extent of the damage. Even the most durable stone flooring will accumulate scratches over time. Foot traffic is the most common cause of wear, but many factors can cause scratch removal to become necessary. High traffic areas tend to scratch the most frequently and deeply, leading to uneven appearance and texture in the stone surface. Our sales staff will discuss the particulars with each client to determine the best course of action. We remove scratches by using sequentially finer diamond abrasives to grind away damaged areas. Once the damage is repaired, the stone will be re-polished or re-honed. This process restores the stone’s surface to its original state. Your stone can be finished to a variety of looks to suit your location. Even better, your property remains undisturbed through the use of Jim Lytell’s proprietary dust-free procedure.

Jim Lytell has been a part of the flooring industry since 1956. His decades of marble restoration experience have lead to an understanding of a vast array of stone including marble, granite, terrazzo and terracotta. The Lytell team draws from this resource. Based on Jim Lytell’s experience and techniques, we can solve any stone cleaning, scratch removal, or marble floor restoration project. Jim Lytell moved his company to Naples, Florida in 1969, bringing his experience and knowledge to this area. We have been serving southwest Florida homes and businesses ever since. The tile industry in Florida includes a large amount of marble flooring. As a result, Jim Lytell incorporated his marble restoration business in 1981. Our professional marble technicians have decades of experience cleaning, polishing, and restoring Naples and Fort Myers marble floors in its distinctive environment. Jim Lytell has worked with European marble grinding professionals in Italy, bringing that experience back to his team here in the United States. He has also interacted with industry professionals at stone shows as far away as Brazil. Keeping on top of the international community helps the Lytell team stay at the forefront of marble and stone restoration techniques and equipment.


We currently provide stone scratch removal, marble tile cleaning, and marble floor restoration services to more than four thousand clients. Our clientele spans all types of locations, from condominiums and small residences to commercial floor restoration and polishing. RSW international airport in Fort Myers contracts with Jim Lytell to maintain and polish their terrazzo. Many condominiums and housing units along Gulfshore Blvd in Naples, Florida use us. In addition, we serve many clients in and around Port Royal. We are available to clients from the Naples to Sarasota areas. Contact Jim Lytell Inc. to discuss how we can meet all your stone scratch removal, and marble restoration needs. From big jobs to small polishing jobs, local jobs to far away jobs, we can do it all.

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Meet the Jim Lytell Marble Restoration Crew. We have a few Technicians employed by us for over 17 years!